Dailies are an integral part of the production process.  The footage from each day of filming needs to be quickly and efficiently delivered to multiple stakeholders in a variety of formats.  We provide laboratory services for our aerial footage on-set, near-set, or from our facilities including:

  • Additional Post Stabilization
  • Creating and applying scene specific color looks
  • Adjusting stereoscopic 3D alignment and convergence
  • Transcoding media to AVID or Final Cut for editorial
  • Creating digital dailies for upload, streaming, or iPad
  • Archiving and verifying data backup
  • Delivering files and media electronically “faster than FedEx”


Out of 15 years of experience in high-end post-production, we always have an eye on the final deliverable during the shooting and dailies process.  This means that we have constant quality control, and we preserve the metadata from the camera negative for easy VFX pulls, data conform, and digital intermediate finishing.



Our portable systems feature  super-core processors to handle dailies, color correction, and transcoding of any format with S3D or mono playback.

Key Capabilities of LABTOPIA FARMS Dailies systems include:
Realtime advanced colour grading of 4k, 2k, & HD sources
Realtime playback of RAW formats (ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Indiecam, SI 2k, Cineform, Phantom) for finishing in 3D
Stereoscopic 3D toolsets for alignment and adjustment for offline and finishing
Dailies creation in multiple formats simultaneously
Enhanced colour workflow from Shoot to Finish

Key Features of  LABTOPIA FARMS portable systems:
Perfect for On-Set locations.  It folds up in its own self contained case and rollerbag.
SuperCore technology for blazing renders and realtime performance
SDI output or DVI/HDMI output for monitoring (fully 3D enabled)
AVID Media Composer and Adobe Suite for End-to-End Workflow

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